Day 1 to Day 29

Day 21 – We return from Evergrove – Mason Holt

Day 18 – Dwarves & Half Orc Show Up

Day 14 – Grim Hold Founded

Day 11 – Left Mason Halt’s place and returned to Marley’s place – Detailed

  • Killed some undead in Marley’s main building
  • that included the remains of the 4 adventurers

Day 10 – At the end of day, were at Mason Halt’s place.

Day 2 though 9 – Cleared the lands – Detailed

  • Highlights
    • Had our first Blood Usurpation from some pigmi like people
    • Enowyn had the hand of god appear in a most majestic way
    • Found a passage way from a crypt into the tower

Day 1 – Hale Winter Festival – Detailed

  • The adventure begins with all of our adventurers meeting for the first time at the Hale Winter Festival. Gideon ropes us in to an adventure for Brelach’s father (John Brewer) to help clear the lands of Marley Barleycorn so that the fields can be planted for beer making gains.

Day 1 to Day 29

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