Day 90 to Day 119

Day 119 – Scouting of Makok’s fortresses and getting ready for attack

  • Took 1 day to fly around and into the mountains through Blood Orc area. Gideon went in to scout, he came back with her parts.
  • We then flew away and through out the night. Erik contacts Vom Acht on his sending stone and talks with Stelas Vom Acht.

Day 118 – Meeting with Lydia

  • Sent signal to Lydia that we were there, she notified that she would be there in an hour.
  • 40 Archer towers proceeded her.
  • Potential Location of Vom Acht’s grand daughter -
    • Kala is a difficult person, even for a Vom Acht – early life, she took Makok as a lover – from this relationship sprung a child
    • She suspects that Vom Acht has already been found and sequestered the child.
  • Makok – lives in one of his 7 seven strongholds – she can point out his primary residence
  • No circles created north of the veil since the createion of the veil
    • Giving us a tour of her southern realms
      • Fulagent Fields – Middle of the Whispering Field – specters raise by the thousands every night
        • 20 miles in and down is a town – the encampment of the Imperial Legions – 1st imperial legion
      • Moved north – 7 gates – 7 keeps – Big battle – 1st gate is down – took 5 years – 7 circles of 3 – Ninth Imperial Legion
      • River – grassy slope for a couple miles to a river – much closer to the Graveholds – confluence of the river running into the Suken Taarn -
        • Where that river runs into the Taarn, a might battle – unit of old Imperial Troopers in a mobile encampment (50,000) – being over run Emerald Environs
  • Lacquna – The Force Wall in the Black Well
  • Lydia was Marisa (who had prepared a tincture to that would make her undead). Original plan was to raise the veil as a shield, then see how to lense the power of the veil into some of them – then if necessary, drive the veil to the southern sea
  • Three factions trying different things.
  • The Veil had to link Heaven and Earth.
  • Lydia provided maps of Makok’s fortresses with the 3 prepared for sacrifice and which one has Kala’s body.

Day 117 – Meeting with Aesils

  • Brelach and Aidon did not attend because they were occupied.
  • Erik, Ephraim, Gideon, and Enowy and Vom Acht met with the Aesil ambasabors that were in a Wightlight territory Vom Acht captured.
  • Aesil Representatives – 3 of them
    • Sir Armis – Human – 36 score – male – Very skinny and clean – he’s wearing makeup or he’s very brown/beige – his clothes are wierd – mostly made of cotton instead of wool – he’s over 6 ft tall and well muscled
    • Lesten Griull – Dwarf – 34 score – male – hair is short and not braided
    • Missus Haversham – Elf – 30 score – woman – tiny, waifish and elf like – wearing a good, solid woolen cloak with a hood – silk slippers
    • Erik sized them up – Human would be easy – Dwarf is a diplomatc, career soldier – elf woman – hard to tell.
    • Enowyn sized them up to see if they are blooded and scores – 36, 34, 30
    • Vom Acht has Erik who has Gideon take the lead of talking with them.
  • XP From Session
    • The Greater World – 9600 / 6
    • Like a Good Neighbor – 9600 / 6 =
    • Meet the Aesils – 14400 / 6 =
    • Made Progress – Missing the Child – 4800 / =
    • Made Progress – Continuing to find the Kala’s – 4800 / 6 =
    • Total is 7200.
      You guys are lounging about in Vom Hold when you get an excited sending from the Grimmversity.
      Your Dwarven Scholars have made a breakthrough!
      When Vom Acht successfully captured Aureus Necros, the main province of Wightlight, his army occupied the Domina Librarum, a VERY large and VERY good repository of Imperial works.
      Among Vom’s army’s there were various priests and scholars, with whom the Grimmversity has a reciprocal relationship: They tell your scholars about interesting things.
      One of the more useless, although impressive, holdings in the Domina Librarum was a huge collection of ancient Imperial codestones. Since the Grimmversity has some coded messages,
      these stones were flown to the Grimmversity for analysis.
      Your scholars have kept this very secret! No one knows of this besides them and you.
      They have taken the liberty of sending a copy of the decrypted text via courier. He believes it is nothing but orders for a new road that requires Eric’s approval.

      Dear Companions,
      I hear this often at our high level meetings: “Why are we losing?”
      Of course, nobody ever says it that way. It’s always, “Those decadent Southrons are so damned lucky!” “Those weak-willed idiots have more people!” “Dammit, why won’t they just die already?” Well, I am the Lord Marshall Magus, and have faced the Southrons on the field many times, and I can answer that: It’s the armies, stupid. Yes, our mages are better. Yes our Auramancy is far superior to that weak copy they have figured out. But we are facing the God’s-Bedamned Imperial Legions. You guys are all fucking geniuses, have you ever read a damned history book? The Southrons were weak, yes, thirty years ago when we made our Proclamation of Superiority. Our Mages slaughter theirs every time we face them.
      And we LOSE BATTLES. We LOSE TERRITORY. We LOSE PEOPLE. The Goddamn Southrons are using the principals of the Codex Imperious on us, you fools. All decadance and weakness was burned out of that terrifying document millenia ago. Unless we wake the fuck up, right now, we are going to all wind up on stakes with the Emperor having our wives, and eromenos, and daughters RAPED until they’re full of nice, obedient, Imperial serfs.
      We have to make better armies. The Southrons have the cursed Imperial Edicts to fall back on. The only way for a Celegian to gain Imperial citizenship is to buy it, or to earn it through the Legions. Provincial citizens are widely viewed as second best down there, so the Legions are INUNDATED by eager young volunteers. And yes, the Southrons have a LOT of people. We are not facing their provincial army’s, these are the IMPERIAL LEGIONS.
      You ever heard of those guys? “The Gleaming Ranks of Steel”, that ring any bells? Any time we have a pitched battle, they DESTROY US.
      Luckily, I know why.
      First, they are motivated. They’re all volunteers, and they’ve all been told their whole lives how awesome the Empire is, and the Legions are the best of the best. They WANT to fight you, they WANT to kill you, and they’re damned smart and good at it. If you get lucky and take down their leadership they barely even pause, another officer, or even some grunt troop with a good idea, takes over and they don’t miss a beat.
      Second, they’re fast. They’ll march 50 miles overland and attack without even stopping to muster, and they’ll be GOOD AT IT. They all carry water stones, they all have portable fires. The axers all have silkenmail under their ironwood plate. Oh, yeah, they ALL wear PLATEMAIL made of ironwood, so they spend no time or effort tending to that shit. They don’t even carry food, their damn clerics feed them.
      Third, they’re GOOD. The Legos Principia means every one of them swings a mean blade, they ALL have shields, and they ALL carry those damned slings. Oh Gods above, how I hate those fucking slings. If you stand back they beat you to death with clouds of rocks, if you close in on them they fight you toe to toe and kill your troops like minnows.
      Fourth, the damned Circles. Yes, our mages are better, but the Southrons have had FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS to practice. Every unit has a Circle. Every. Damned. One. They throw up fogs, they put up walls of stone, they throw death screens, they raise all your casualties as zombies right in your damn ranks, they blank out the sun, they make it rain fire, or blood, or acid, etc, etc, etc. The Clerics are almost as bad, you finally inflict some casualties and they get right back up again! Worse, they will shut down YOUR battle magics. Even schlubs like they are can do that, and if they cancel out your magic, THEY are still the best godsdamned army in HISTORY. You lose.
      Fifth, the Stalwarts. These might be the worst of all. It’s almost impossible to see these bitches in their ranks, but any one of those troopers in the front rank might REALLY be a fully tooled up Stalwart hero, with gear straight out of the Imperial Vaults, whose only purpose in life is to find YOU on the battlefield and KILL YOU. We have lost dozens of very skilled, very capable, Battle Mages to these bastards.
      Let me be blunt: We are in real trouble here. Our greatmagics can wipe out their armies, maybe, but we can’t HOLD what we have. Our best troops are maybe as good as the Southrons Provincial Army Regulars, and we haven’t even seen them deploy those guys yet.
      Oh, did I mention their Provincial Army’s, which are as good as our best troops, have not even been DEPLOYED yet? You do know how many guys they have in their Provincial Army’s, right?
      This is simple: We need to INTRGRATE our battle mages into our units. No more of those flashy robes and huge aura’s: You might as well walk up to one of their Stalwarts and let them kill you. Our battle mages need to work with our unit commanders, not just tell them “Get me to battle, fool!”
      Yeah, that’s smart. Tell the man you expect to die so you can get your dweomer’s off he’s a fool. I swear, sometimes I think we deserve the punishment we’re taking right now.
      OK, that’s the bad news. The Good news is, WE CAN FIX THIS. We have as many Circles as they do, and ours are BETTER. If we stop acting like our troopers are lowborn idiots and FIGHT WITH THEM, we will start to win some of these fights. I’m sure we can develop some skilled commanders, given a few years, and start to get some good unit maneuver. Oh, and STOP the EXECUTIONS. Every time you idiots kill a man ‘because he looked at you wrong’ we lose another covilla to the damned Southrons. SO KNOCK IT OFF.
      If anybody has any questions, I’ll be taking sendings in my Aerie, while I’m looking at maps that tell me just how bad we’re getting our asses kicked.
      Magus Birk Taluskus
  • We flew to Skull Mountain – spent the night. Gideon and Ephraim killed a small band of Norkers.

Day 116 – Night of Dinner and Revelations with Vom Acht

  • Battle of the Blades Medallion for all army members Year 2978
  • Vom Acht wants to have the wedding moved up – Kala proposes 2 weeks (Day 130)
  • Day of Revelations
    • Vom Acht has been trying to unite the whole heartlands to deal with Celegia too.
    • Gave us a document ‘Celegian Secrets I’ – taken from Celegian scout mission from 7 years ago – original was compressed leaves that had been burned in a fire – captured by Lydia
    • Wants to join a blood circle with us – we’ll need 5000 rp in 30 days
    • We talk with Lydia via a wooden bowl that she had gifted Vom Acht.
      • As long as we do not go more than 50 miles towards Lydia
      • Opening in veil that Emerald Environs is fleeing towards from Stormcrowners
      • Erebane is not a nice neighbor – blooded
      • Hagmorth is not a nice neighbor – blooded – not as powerful as Makok
      • Makok – not blooded – epic level
      • Hakomakatolo – good neighbor – blooded
      • She is offering a bridal gift – the location of the rest of his bride – Makok has it – He’s trying to sell it to Sza who wants to trade it with the Boreals
      • She knows somethign about Kala’s missing daughter. We will meet with Lydia in two days (Day 118)
  • Makok is a Glabrazu Demon – 11 ft tall – 4 arms – clawed hands
    • Converts peopled into blood fiends to use as part of ritual
    • Humans and dwarves
  • Plan it to talk with Lydia then attack Makok’s keep to recover the rest of Kala while he’s doing his ritual (in 4 days) (Day 120)

Day 115 – An invitation from Marshall Gunstanz with Vom Acht for dinner party tomorrow night

Day 114 – Mapping Area 9 -

  • Features of Note – None (Hills, Forrests, Planes)
  • Each party members gets 21,898.

Day 110 – Day of the Battle – Day 111 to Day 113 – Clean Up

  • We kicked but and destroyed all the units. Only the sole Wizard/sorcerer got away
  • XP and Loot
    • Lord Damien – 4150 XP / 6 = 692
    • First Large Battle – 5000 XP / 6 = 833
    • In Defense of the Realm (Lvl20) – 16800 XP / 6 = 2800
    • Loot – Spending a few days looting
      • 70,000 Gold
      • Belt of Stuff – 1500 GP
      • Diamond – 5000 GP
  • Gideon received another call from Lavaraign
  • Used the Morale of the crushing defeat of our enemies to get +1 happiness for all realms
  • Domain Actions – Brelach, Ephraim, Aidon
    • Brelach – Rule Province – Crush Hollow Raised Province level from 7 to 8 (cost 8rp, 8gb) – Had to wait to day 111
    • Ephraim – Raised the source on Evergrove
    • Aidon – Continued Fortify action on Black Marsh -
  • Domain Rules
    • You can never take more than one realm action in a day.
    • If you do not take a realm action on the day it is supposed to occur on, you have to take the action before your next domain action and on the day you make up the action, you have to take a set of Environmental Hazard checks.
    • You take 3 Endurance checks vs 15 + # of days past the day due
    • You swap out your Con stat for the Bld stat.
  • Gideon received another call from Lavernia

Day 109

  • Gideon Intel
    • Damien Winterstep – Unacknowledged bastard Frostmarch – Demon Worshiper
      • Showed up a month ago – mid to high level terranian hanging out with him – Sorcerer and Cleric
  • Erik contacted the Blood Orcs – mission to train the Emerald Environs to Terrania not working out – retasking them attack from there rear at Brelach’s signal

Day 108

  • Brelach made a great roll and get’s +1 on rolls for 3 days
  • Goal is to lead them around and to the box canyon we have prepared on Day 110 after giving all our troops a chance to rest
  • Domain Action – Erik

Day 107

  • Aidan and Gideon go scouting
    • Around lunch time, Aidan finds their camp.
      • Camp is cold. No fires.
      • A few tents. Large numbers of carts. The carts have square boxes on them. About 200 carts. (10 guys to a cart). An additional 1000 heavy calvary.
      • In searching for the leaders, their are 4 guys that are having a conversation outside a tent. Well geared. Terranian Warlords.
    • Gideon creeps down into the camp. In the carts are 10 coffins each. We suspect they are nasty wight’s. He lit a fire under the cart and left.
    • Aidan shoots another arrow into another wagon. 3 of the Terranian Warlords see it and follow Gideon and Aidan – flying at 10.
    • They were able to break away. The leader had higher than a 41 AC.
  • Based on our scouting, we are pulling many many units in.
  • Our Units
    • 3 Units of Grim Scouts
    • 1 Unit of Elven Archers
    • 1 Units of Grim Regulars, Heavy Elite Infantry
    • 1 Unit of Gryphon Scouts, Elite Irregulars
    • 1 Unit of Elite Scouts
    • 1 Unit of Banshrae Warriors (1000) Level 12
  • Opposed By
    • 1 Unit of Heavy Infantry
    • 1 Unit of Heavy Calvary
    • 2 Units of Wights (Dune Runner; Skirmisher) Level 12
  • Rewards
    • Quest – Green Space – 9600 XP / 6 = 1600
    • Killed some Chop Bugs – 5500 XP / 6 = 916

Day 106

  • Aidan had a brief discussion with Lia.
  • That morning, Cletus reports of armed men in the Forest of Swords.
    • Basic troops, but couple thousand of them. (2 units)
  • Erik is martialing units to Forest of Swords (expected arrival on 108 or 109)
  • Early in the day – we are getting ready to go out the Forest of Swords, Erik get’s a call from Tillis. He could send a unit of battle hardened troops lead by him. 2000 troops. 2 units in our parlance.
  • Spending the rest of the days, settling in the blood orcs.

Day 105

  • Domain Actions
    • Gideon – Espionage Action to gather information on where Terrania’s Blooded Scion’s are
    • Enowyn – Espionage action against Terranian province ‘Long Reach’.
      • Province 2 – Law 2 – Domain Attitude: Hostile
      • Name of Reagent – Dire Blanes (Province and Law)
      • 10 Infantry Units (Regular) that are moving through – headed south
  • Grim Scouts arrived in Forest of Swords.
  • Discussion is to possibly have the Blood Orcs play tag with the Emerald Environ and leads them to Terrania
  • Called Gorgeface’s sending stone, Tillis answered. Gorgeface and Aspera are not available until the new moon.

Day 104

  • Eric contacted Vom Acht. Relayed about the Emerald Environ. Shared about the Celegian War Scout.
  • We spend the rest of the day tending the realm. Realm administration.

Day 101 – 102 – 103

  • Day 101 Area 7 – Fertile Wilderness. river flowing north to south
    • End of mapping area 7, Lord Hugo Smerly of Edmalia (land north of Terrania). Opening gambit to get us to open warfare with Terrania.
  • Day 102 – Area 8 – Heavy Forest – Rethinking where we are going based on Terrania position
    • Erik commands the Grim Scouts to move from Grim Hold to the Forest of Swords. Expected to arrive on Day 105.
    • Erik raised some troops (TBD).
  • Day 103 – Area 9 – Heavy Forest
    • Camped near a bouldery stream when we heard something – before we mapped it
      • Encounter – 1 x Chop Bug – Medium, Natural Abomination – Level 18 Minion Brute – killed it easily.
    • Tracking it back – in a half a mile – we have seen 4 tracks branch off – every 8th of a mile
    • Tracked them back for awhile then came back to finish mapping.
      • Encounter – Waves of Chop Bug’s with Thorn Creatures
        • We decided to strategically advance to the rear
    • Then we portal back to Grim Hold.
    • Watch Order
      • Enowyn and Erik
      • Aiden and Brelach
      • Ephraim and Gideon

Day 97 to Day 100

  • Mapping towards the mindmass
    • Area 4 – Fertile Wilderness
    • Area 5 – Moving northwesterly direction, flowing south is a river
    • Area 6 – Heavy Forrest and Water – South western corner – a city marker shows up indicating it is ruined
  • Investigating the ruined city
    • Looks like the emerald environ may have come here. The city has been ruined within the 3-4 rain falls (2 to 3 days).
    • Crossing the plant bridge where the tracks of thousands of large sized beatles. Also possible sign of blade spiders on the trees.
    • In the central tree structure, found the remnants of hundreds of elven bodies. Most of them appear to have been killed here.
    • Found searched for treasue
      • 5 pieces of jewelry in leather and beads – 5000 gp each
    • Down into a hole, 20 ft across – until we found roots that are putting out phorsorescence light – a pool of water – massive mound of bodies at an island in the middle of the pool/lake – a hydra was sleeping on top of the mount. After defeating the hydra, the mound of bodies were of giant locust with instead of antenae, plant vine things. Looks like the hydra defeated them. Aiden detected life and found a ping in the middle of the mound. Six locust layers down, we found elven bodies. Found a live elf boy. Enowyn healed him. His name is Prince Leralyn. He was the crown prince of Woodmeet. They had been having trouble with monsters in the forests for the past few years. It’s been getting worse. They had been thinking of abandoning the city for the proper graveholds.
    • Erik offered Prince Leralyn refuge status. He would like to be join us on our scouting mission in force.
    • XP
      • Hydra – 10000 / 6 = 1666
      • Quest – Rescued Princeling – 8400 / 6 = 1400
    • Loot
      • Crown – 15000 GP
      • Belt – 15000 GP
      • 2 x Necklaces – 5000 GP each
      • Minor currency – 2000 GP

Day 94 to Day 96 – Land investing and exploration

  • The game plan is to spend some time investing in the land from virgin land and then to go explore the the emerald environs yard trash.
    • Due south of Eldrich Arbor is Light Forrest – Named Black Haven – Aiden invested as Province Regent – Level 8
    • Due west of Black Haven – Light Hills – Named Wildermeet – Brelach Province and Law Holder – Level 4
    • Due west, by south west of Black Forrest – Light Forrest – Named Forrest of Swords – Erik Regent – Wondrous Feature – Forrest of Swords (+2 to all trade routes) – Province Level 8-

Day 92 & 93 – Travelling to Grandfather Oak

  • Took 2 days of travel with Psion 44 – 1000 ft tall tree
  • Psion 44 took us into a 50 ft knott in Grandfather Oak – after a moment of darkness (we felt turned side ways) then we were in on another plane with 7 suns and a clear sky – they are all about 30 degrees above the horizon and evenly spaced around the horizon – after a bit Psion 54 landed.
  • A normal sized hill and a normal sized oak. The oak opened and a young man came out, shirtless, shoeless. Green eyes and glow. 5’6" feet.
  • He would like to open a dialogue with us is that the Empire will return -
    • He was a construct with a purpose that was used by the Empire.
    • 29 seasons ago, a soldier(female) high ranking (Sarna of the 9th Degree (very senior master seargent)) of the old empire was found – they didn’t recall his status/purpose and his psion pds destroyed her
    • He believes the Empire Legions will not be happy with him so he is communicating with us as the nearest government.
    • We asked to see her affects and he’ll allow us to see them, but not have them as he believes he should maintain possession until he can return the body to the Legion.
    • The Empire is comming as they are nearing completion of a mapping of the weaknesses of the Veil. The last solitice there was a probe.
    • He thinks it will not take more than 20 seasons for them to get here. They may send more scouts, but they sent a large number originally.
      • Asking about Emperor Celegia -
        • He died in Ottomada – 50 seasons or so after the Veil went up
        • The source of the power that gave us blooded occured during the same time the Veil went up. The source is a greater dimensional power.
        • The original ritual was an ascension right for the Northern Sorcerers to make themselves greater than the gods. Their plan was 2 fold. 1) Sunder the gods from this realitty and 2) empower themselves to become new gods.
        • It went wrong and a portion (lesser) descended on the lands and became the source of blood ties. The greater portion became the Veil. The Veil was meant to go to the southern sea, killing mortals and gods alike and sweap them into the sea.
        • Blackwell is the power well constructed to perform their abominations.
        • Broken Skye Keep is the place they worked their abominations.
      • 9 Great Gods and Over God were forced above the Sky and were trapped behind the dimensional dis-continuity.
      • This sundered the gods and we got the lieutenants as our gods.
    • They Emerald Environs are horrific malformations of the natural order. Avoid and destroy them at every opportunity.
    • He would like our help in an endeavor – he has used a major portion of his temporal power in stemming the emerald environs and the green thought temporal other dimes
    • Grandfather Oak killed that last of the Northern Sorcerers.
    • Lydia is a survivor of the Northern Sorcerer’s guild. She is not alive. She’s not dead either.
  • To cement our relationship with Grandfather Oak -
    • 6 seeds – one for each party member – plant them in soil I have fertilized ourselves and in the morning, it will grow into a device that we would find of use. (Level 19 Magic Item)
    • If we are able to aid him in his conflict with the Emerald Environs, he will grant us one of his true seeds. He who amongst us has the greatest drive will create an artifact that will aid us in our conflicts with our enemies. To gain the seed, before the end of this season, we must do deeds that aid him materially. There is a mind mass to the west that has driven.
    • Sap gave us one permament hitpoint.
    • Visit Grandfather Oak – Level 16 Quest Completed – 8400 / 6 = 1400
    • Alliance with Geppen – Level 15 Quest Completed – 1200 each
    • All wounds healed; +1 to all defenses and +1 to highest stat for next 24 hours.

Day 91

  • Erik, Gideon, Enowyn went to visit Vom Acht. Had talks about the various things that happened with the borders – Geppen Alliance, Terrania, etc.
    • Vom Acht is thinking about this: As a dowery, 8 or 9 provinces, but as a down side, announce Erik as heir to Vom Acht.
  • Erik, Gideon and Enowyn then flew to Geppen Alliance to meet with Areastes.
    • Mekrada, New Chief Marshall of Gabrera
    • Socialized for a few minutes at the Grabrera Fair Spring Festival, then got an interview with Arcastes, Regent of Gabrera Alliance. Sitting in a chair, looking cunning, is a man named Lesley Maines.
    • The discussion covers that Kala was involved in unpleasantries – demon woriship and assosciation with abominations – tied to the Dragon’s Shar line…through physical, intimate contact.

Day 90 – Fair Spring Festival – Grimhold Season 1

  • Domain Action 1
    • Brelach – Ruled Province – Crushed Hollow (6→7)
    • Gideon – Established Spy Network
    • Enowyn – Agitated positively in several provinces
    • Aidan – Fortified Blackmarsh (0→1) 4 GB of 8 GB
    • Ephraim – Established Ley line from Blackmarsh to Grimhold
    • Erik – Diplomatic with Geppen Alliance – had correspondence with Geppen allaince – Lesley Maines and Gibbon Gallon (looks like the spy master) – Improved by one category – from unfriendly to neutral
  • Marshall Gunstanz flew in to our festival on a Silver Dragon (Wightlight alliance benefit?)
  • Erik, Gideon, Enowyn went to visit Vom Acht. Had talks about the various things that happened with the borders – Geppen Alliance, Terrania, etc.
    • Vom Acht is thinking about this: As a dowery, 8 or 9 provinces, but as a down side, announce Erik as heir to Vom Acht.
  • Erik, Gideon and Enowyn then flew to Geppen Alliance to meet with Areastes.
    • Mekrada, New Chief Marshall of Gabrera
    • Socialized for a few minutes at the Grabrera Fair Spring Festival, then got an interview with Arcastes, Regent of Gabrera Alliance. Sitting in a chair, looking cunning, is a man named Lesley Maines.
    • The discussion covers that Kala was involved in unpleasantries – demon woriship and assosciation with abominations – tied to the Dragon’s Shar line…through physical, intimate contact.

Day 90 to Day 119

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